WATCH: This Kid Shows Us the Name Origins of Places in the Philippines

Having grown up abroad, I have to admit that I don’t know much about the Philippines… which makes it ironic that I work for a site called ‘When in Manila’, but the whole reason why I applied for this job is to get my home country better. So, whenever an opportunity arises to learn something new about the Philippines, I am always grateful for it.

One of the most recent videos that I found cool and helpful on my journey to get to know the Philippines better is this video by ‘All Kinds of Awesome’ that touches on the origins of names of places in the Philippines. Aside from ‘Manila’, I never really knew any of the origins mentioned in this video. Watch as Kurt sheds some light on the topic:

According to the caption of the video, there are many legends and sources of where the names of these places come from, ut Kurt explores some of the interesting ones. Do you know of any other origins of names of places in the Philippines?

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