WATCH: Keala Settle’s moving Oscars performance of “This Is Me” from “The Greatest Showman”

Oscars high + The Greatest Showman high at the same time? Worry not! We’ve got just the fix for you. Keala Settle absolutely wowed us all with her fantastic Oscars performance! While “This is Me” didn’t win an award, this performance was nothing short of stellar and breath-taking.

Her singing coupled with the gorgeous stage and lights made for what must’ve been a show-stopping number and we’re so jealous of everyone who got to see it live! You go, Keala Settle! You are truly a star!

Watch the performance below:

She’s wowed us both on the screen and even live. It’s just a testament to her talent and how she’s honed it to move all of us! So grateful for The Greatest Showman and the stars it was able to produce! Shine on!

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