WATCH: Karencitta’s “Cebuana” Will Be Your New LSS Jam!

Looks like we’ve got an international artist in the making. We guarantee that after listening to “Cebuana”, you won’t be able to get this song out of your head!

Hiphop and electronic dance music artist Karencitta is making some serious waves just days after she released the music video for her latest song, “Cebuana” and it’s definitely a bop!

Karencitta had some cool collaborators for the song, such as 14-year-old Austrian music producer Tc-5, and Grammy Award winner Jon Ingoldsby, who produced and engineered Madonna’s “Ray of Light” album.

The “Cebuana” music video reached over 1 million views just 24 hours after it was released on Facebook, and the song earned the top spot on Spotify Philippines’ Top 50.

The Cebuana artist, now based in Los Angeles, California, shared on her website that her goal was to create a “millennial Sinulog theme song.” She said:

This song will be playing annually as Sinulog approaches in malls, jeepneys, taxi’s, radio’s, everywhere”. I sent Jon the traditional Sinulog theme song. And I told him “look we really need to add this Sinulog element. And we’re done. I promise, no more revision”. Jon said “dude, this is too fast”. I said “no, we’re not gonna use the tempo. We’re gonna use the instruments”.

If you closely listen to the “Cebuana” track and skip to around 50 seconds, you’ll hear this metal instrument that’s inspired by the traditional Sinulog theme song!

We won’t be surprised if we hear this song in the club soon!

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