WATCH: Julia Barretto Confirms That She’s ‘Taken’?

Did Julia Barretto confirm that she’s officially in a relationship?

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The 23-year-old actress was spotted together with friends and social media personalities in a TikTok video where they had to dance while choosing between a pair of answers that was applicable to them. The questions were as follows: Single VS Taken, Pinoy VS AFAM, Older VS Younger, and Funny Drunk VS Emotional Drunk.

Julia chose “Taken,” both “Pinoy” and “AFAM,” “Older,” and “Funny Drunk.”

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Source: TikTok

Ever since she broke up with her ex-boyfriend Joshua Garcia and subsequently became involved in third-party allegations, Julia has remained silent on whether she was dating someone new. She did, however, allude to a possible new romance when she mentioned that she celebrated her 23rd birthday last March 2020 with her “family and a loved one.”

She also tackled the rumors during a radio interview with Magic 89.9 FM in May 2020 but refrained from confirming anything.

“As to whether I’m single or not, I think I’m not gonna answer that for now,” she said at the time. “I wanna keep people wondering.”

She added that her relationship status should be “the last thing they should be concerned about.”

She then talked about why she is choosing to keep matters of her love life private. “When it comes to love life … if it’s something you really want to last and work out, protect it as much as you can and don’t share too much about it. Don’t share too much about a relationship that’s supposed to be just between two people.”

“I think the less people know about something, the less they could have an opinion about it,” she continued. “So now, I want things to work out, I want things to last, and I’m gonna protect it with all that I have. So I’m gonna keep a lot of things to myself from now on when it comes to that aspect in my life.”

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