WATCH: Jennylyn Mercado and Derek Ramsay Will Be Back In MMFF With ‘All Of You’

The Jennylyn Mercado-Derek Ramsay tandem has been proven to be very successful with the great reception of their first film together. It was in the 2014 Metro Manila Film Festival that this love team made its debut with English Only, Please. Their undeniable chemistry made them a crowd favorite.

And now, they are back with another entry to this year’s Metro Manila Film Festival. Jennylyn Mercado and Derek Ramsay will be starring in All Of You, a romantic film described as a “millennial-kind-of-sexy”.

A short teaser has been released by Quantum Films, and it looks like it’s a film to watch out for.

Take a look:

Based on that short teaser, Jennylyn and Derek play characters who met through online dating and personally got together in Taiwan.

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All of You, directed by Dan Villegas, was originally entitled “Almost is Not Enough” and had Jericho Rosales as the leading man. But due to conflicts in schedule, Jericho was replaced by Derek.

Tbh, we’d take either one of them!

All of You is set to premiere on the 25th of December as part of the 2017 Metro Manila Film Festival.

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