WATCH: Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt Roast Each Other and it’s Brutal


Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt are two of the funniest people in showbiz. And to prove just how funny they are, they roasted each other on Playground Insult, which has two people insulting each other until they completely lose it. Unsurprisingly, it took them only a few minutes before they tapped out.

Watch their banter below:

Things started casually enough. The two commented on each other’s work, body, age, and intelligence. Things turned interesting when Lawrence asked, “Where do you keep your Oscar?” Pratt doesn’t have an Oscar, while Lawrence won Best Actress in 2013 for Silver Linings Playbook.

The killer insult was delivered by Pratt, who remarked, “During our sex scene [in Passengers], I felt your dick rubbing into me.”

Who do you think won in the roasting? Share your thoughts below!

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