WATCH: Jeepney Tumbles Over in Taft-Pedro Gil Intersection

Caught on camera is an accident involving a jeepney and private car along Taft and Pedro Gil Avenue intersection.

From the video, it can be seen that the jeepney might have crossed the intersection too early, which is why the speeding car hit it. With the speed, the jeepney tumbled over on its side.

Bystanders were quick on their feet in trying to help the passengers of the jeepney.

Netizens shared their views about this incident on the comments.

Some were even up for totally removing jeepneys on the road because they said the vehicles are not maintained properly and the drivers are undisciplined. Others suggested that the drivers should take stricter tests to get a license. Meanwhile, others said that not all drivers are like that because there are those who are very educated and disciplined in observing traffic rules.

What do you think of this incident? What do you think should be done to avoid it?

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