WATCH: Japan’s Soon-to-Rise “Spamusement Park” Will Spamuse You

This is so spamusing.

The mayor of the Japanese city of Beppu, which is famous for its hot springs, issued a challenge online. If their “spamusement park” video reaches 1 million views, he will build the imagined “spamusement park” at his city. Yes, as in a spa that is also an amusement park.

Ten days after the posting, the video has now been viewed over 2 million times. I guess that should mean two spamusement parks? Watch the quirky video here:

Beppu mayor Nasuhiro Nagano acknowledged the success of the challenge, announcing four days after posting that the park will happen! No news yet though when it shall be built or when it opens, but you can be sure that this’ll be a hit.

Because why can’t you relax and feel adrenaline rush at the same time? You totally can, soon.

What do you think of this spamusement park? You think you’ll try this? Share your thoughts in the comments!