WATCH: James Corden’s Duet with Kristen Bell Goes Hilariously Wrong!

WATCH- James Corden's Duet with Kristen Bell Goes Hilariously Wrong!

James Corden’s stunts are usually flawless. His carpool karaokes, song numbers, and rap battles are comedy gold. However, his duet with Kristen Bell went horribly wrong, but it was still the stuff of fits and giggles.

The actress joined Corden on The Late Late Show to perform the 1982 Joe Cocker and Jennifer Warnes song “Up Where We Belong,” and well, you’ll just have to watch the video to know what we’re talking about:

The skit begins with the two exchanging banter about love. “I love love, too, Kristen. But love can lift us up,” Corden said. Bell then sings the opening line of the song, which Corden continues. All went well, until they reached the chorus. Both rise up to the air, but only Bell goes all the way up, with Corden hanging awkwardly mid-air.

The two then hilariously go on an up and down journey, with the host and actress never managing to meet equally.

The song ends, with Corden saying, “That was an absolute disaster! Who is responsible for this? We rehearsed it and rehearsed it and rehearsed it!”

Ah, Corden. Funny as usual.

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