WATCH: Jake Zyrus to appear in Japanese thriller with Ji-young

After a quiet few years, Jake Zyrus is back in the showbiz industry with a role in Yaru Onna (She’s a Killer), a Japanese thriller headlined by ex-KARA member Kang Ji-young.

Watch the trailer below:

Yaru Onna follows Ji-young as Aiko, who avenges her parents after witnessing their murder. Zyrus stars as Akira, Aiko’s best friend.

According to Zyrus in an interview with ABS-CBN News, “Kamay niya ako. Isa siyang assassin tapos ako ‘yung tumutulong sa kanya na maghanap ng next target niya.”

He appears briefly in the trailer, where his voice is noticeably higher. According to the singer, this is because filming began before he transitioned.

Zyrus is also billed in the trailer as “Charice aka Jake Zyrus.”

Yaru Onna premiered at the Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival in July, and will be released in Japan this October. There is no word if the film will also be screened in the Philippines.

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