WATCH: Italian Filmmakers Capture the Stunning Beauty of Masbate

WATCH Italian Filmmakers Capture the Stunning Beauty of Masbate

Masbate may not enjoy the same reputation as Boracay and Palawan, but let this video shot by two Italian filmmakers change your mind.

WOW Tapes, a video production “collective of video wayfarer heroes” who “wander the earth to bring wonder back to the earth,” visited the island province for the Rodeo Festival, a tribute to the cattle center of the Philippines. Besides watching the rodeo, filmmakers Fabio Reitano and Simone Menin went island-hopping, horse riding, and food exploring.

They described Masbate as “a stunning postcard looking tropical place, where a deep cowboy culture and exotic asian traditions blend flawlessly.”

Watch the video below, then book your tickets going there:

Wow Tapes: Masbate from WowTapes on Vimeo.

Masbate is located in the eastern region of Bicol. The famous Rodeo Festival is held every April, and features the country’s longest grand horse parade, a cattle drive, a barn dance showdown, and of course, a rodeo.

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