WATCH: ‘Incredibles 2’ Olympic sneak peek is out!

Disney-Pixar posted on YouTube the sneak peek of the upcoming Incredibles 2 movie during NBC’s Olympics coverage. On the new trailer, it can be seen that Mr. Incredible putting in some hours at home while his wife, Elastigirl, proceeds with superhero duties.

Watch it below.

On the sneak peek that was posted, the mysterious “tycoon” Winston Deavor — voiced by Bob Odenkirk — shows off his ability to help supers go back to their heroic duties, even with the continued illegality of supers. However, it looks like Deavor is more interested in Elastigirl than Mr. Incredible, and with Jack-Jack still an infant, someone has to stay at home and monitor his budding superhero abilities.

While Elastigirl whizzes around impressing bystanders on her new motorcycle, Deavor dodges Jack-Jack’s laser beams and battles children’s book-induced fatigue.

We can see here that some of our favorites are back including Edna Mode, voiced by Brad Bird — who also directed the film — and Mr. Incredible’s best friend Frozone a.k.a. Lucius Best, voiced by Samuel L. Jackson, both of whom try to give Mr. Incredible super-child-rearing advice.

Holly Hunter and Craig T. Nelson return as the voices of Elastigirl and Mr. Incredible, respectively, with newcomer Huck Milner as “Dash” Parr and Sarah Vowell returning as Violet Parr.

Incredibles 2 is slated to hit theaters on June 15, 2018. The movie will be available in 3D.

Are you excited for Incredibles 2?

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