WATCH: Impress Your Crush with Your Dance Moves

This video uploaded by Jam Raquion had been making its rounds on Facebook for days now, and we love it!

I asked about her inspiration behind the video and it was quite simple. She said that she simply loved the girl’s chill vibes as she danced to the beat.

Fun fact: it only took her a couple of minutes to memorize the steps! Cool!

I super loved Jam’s precision and the way she did the spoof. Werk it, girl! I’m so sorry, I have two left feet. I don’t think I can ever dance like this but Jam rocked it on this video. Awesome!

Even if this video is a spoof, there’s one important lesson we can take from it. You know what would definitely make you stand out and even make your crush notice you? Confidence. Confidence is beauty, and confidence is the key, girl!

Be comfortable with who you are and how you are as a person, and carry yourself with pride for all the world to see.

Werk it!