WATCH: How Much Do You Need to Surf in Baler with Your Friends?

Renz David recently shared a video of his trip to Cebu with his family, which he had saved for after working in Dubai.

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Well, he just shared another video with us – this time of his road trip to Baler last year. “We just love spontaneous and unplanned trips,” he shares. He says they went to Baler without even having any idea how to get there in the first place. Fortunately, Waze was there to save the day.

When they got to Baler, they went straight to look for accommodations and found the cheapest one: Pajaroja lodge, which costs around Php2,500 for 5 people. According to Renz, you can also rent surf boards and pay for a surfing instructor at that particular lodge for Php600 per head (that includes both the surfboard and the instructor).

They also went to see the beauty of the mother falls and climb the famous millennium tree in Baler. Check out the full video here:

Renz says it best: “Life is short, make as many memories as you can.”

What are your favorite memories while on vacation? Share them with us! 🙂

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