WATCH: How I Surprised My Boyfriend This Christmas

I’m not really the type of person who goes out of her way to surprise people. I have never planned a surprise party in my life and whenever I buy gifts, I always ask people what they want beforehand to make sure that I get them something useful. It’s boring, but it’s practical.

I decided to be different this year, though. For a few months now, I had noticed a pattern whenever my boyfriend and I went to the mall. He would always hit the shoe sections and ask whether Spud Webb’s Pony City Wings were available. We never saw them anywhere.

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When I heard that Pony had opened a pop-up store in TriNoMa, though, I asked the people from Pony if the Spud Webb City Wings sneakers were available there. They informed that the pop-up store was the only place selling them at the moment and that’s when I decided: this is it. This will be my epic Christmas gift.

So, a week before Christmas, I commuted all the way to TriNoMa from Paranaque (three hours travel time going there and three hours back), squeezed myself into the jam-packed mall and braved the Christmas rush to get a pair. It was all worth it because Julian LOVED my gift. I documented this on video, of course – all best surprises should be, in my opinion. :p Check it out:

Did you surprise anyone this Christmas? Share your stories with us! :)

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