WATCH: Hotel Staff Amazingly Answers Back the #RunningMan Challenge

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past few weeks, you’ve definitely seen one of those running man videos making its way around the internet. Although it’s not the original running man dance, which was popularized by MC Hammer back in the early 90’s, you have to admit that it’s still pretty catchy.

It took the USA by storm, with people posting their running man videos on YouTube. The dance craze became known as “The Running Man Challenge”. The gist is that a person will post their video and someone else will respond with a dance of their own (all to the tune of Ghost Town DJ’s My Boo).

Pretty soon, big companies around the world started posting their own souped up version of the dance craze and their rival companies started responding with crazier and more outrageous versions.

Of course, The Philippines wasn’t far behind and now, our friends from Victoria Court have thrown down the gauntlet once again. Set in their state of the art new office in Pasig, the guys at Victoria Court shows everyone why they are one of the leading innovators in the hotel industry.

So there you have it! The challenge has been issued. Is anyone up to the challenge?