WATCH: Here’s What Ben&Ben and SB19 Songs Would Sound Like as Musicals

Have you ever wondered what certain hit OPM songs would sound like if they were written for stage musicals instead? Thanks to TikTok and creative talented artists, you won’t have to wonder any longer.

Singer-songwriter Lian Kyla took to the social media app to show how she’d sing Ben&Ben’s Leaves and SB19’s MAPA as theater musical songs. Watch her renditions below:

@liankylamusic Reply to @reymondhernandez29 #TiktokMusicPH ♬ Leaves but make it musical by Lian Kyla – Lian Kyla

@liankylamusic Reply to @aryaaaname #TiktokMusicPH #musicaltheatre ♬ MAPA but make it a musical – Lian Kyla

It really felt like we were back in the theaters with these amazing versions! Lian even went the extra mile to add verses and dialogues to the songs, making it sound exactly like a sneak peek of a stage musical.

Lian shares with WhenInManila.com that she came up with the idea of reimagining these hits while doing a cover on the Kumu app. Her mother commented that it sounded like she was singing a song from a musical.

“The song (Leaves) already sounds like it could be in a musical because of the chord progression and the way Ben&Ben sings it as well. I think by introducing my idea as ‘what if Ben&Ben songs were turned into a musical’, it just allowed people to look at a possibility and opportunity that already exists within the music itself. So it’s not like I was recreating the songs into a completely new genre, I think I just brought to light what was already present and possible in the music,” she shares.

For SB19’s MAPA, she admits that it sounds a lot different than the original song because of its stripped-down arrangement.

Lian’s Leaves cover now has more than 300,000 views on TikTok! Follow her and listen to more of her music on Spotify.

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