WATCH: Guy Bikes Around in Homemade Bicycle… Kind Of

WATCH Guy Bikes Around in Homemade Bicycle... Kind Of

Filipinos are known to be quite crafty. Give them a few scrap materials and they can create anything out of it. As they say, necessity is the mother of invention.

Well, we’d like to assume Necessity is Filipina.

Take for example this guy. He obviously had spare bike parts, but not a complete bike. Did that stop him? No. Instead, he took two bike wheels and went on his way. It’s a good thing social media user Jorge Barrios saw him and took a video.

One commenter replied that the video was taken in Bahayang Pagasa, where the cyclist is a common sight. According to the commenter, sometimes he bikes around without the handle, like a unicycle.

Watch him below:

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