WATCH: Guess who this little boy will vote for in the coming presidential elections

With the elections just less than two months away, registered voters are carefully pondering for who to elect as our next head of state.

While we’re critically deciding where we want our country to go in the next six years, this adorable, half-british half-filipino boy has already made up his mind on who he’s voting for (too bad he isn’t a registered voter yet)

And yet another random moment with Ethan. This time he's gone all political and rang our favourite Philippine Presidential candidate Mayor Duterte via a toy walkie talkie. He also will apparently see him on Tuesday.. ???????????? #DU30

(p.s. sharing is ok guys ❤️)

Posted by Mylene Llanes on Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Duterte‘s surging popularity is surely undeniable if even young kids are familiar with his name. I guess it’s going to be a good election for the Davao mayor.

How about you? do you already know who you’ll vote for this 2016? 


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