WATCH: Guard Gets Shouted at For Doing His Job

WATCH Man Picks Fight with Guard at a Fastfood Chain For Bringing His Dog

The dog is considered man’s best friend, but who knew a man could get so attached to his canine friend that he would be willing to pick a fight because of it?

That was the case with a video that is currently going viral. In the short clip, a man is seen carrying a dog and picking a fight with the fastfood chain’s security guard because of it. The video is not clear, but he is heard saying:


Anong bawal dito, ha? Mukha bang bawal to? Mas malinis pa to sa pagmumukha mo. Huwag mo kong guguluhin, g*go ka.

(What do you mean this isn’t allowed? Does this look like it’s not allowed? This dog is cleaner than your face. Don’t mess with me, you idiot.)


He is then seen stepping out of the fastfood chain. Throughout the clip, the security guard is silently taking the customer’s rants.

There is no word which branch of the fastfood chain the video was taken in, and who the man and the guard is.

Watch the full clip below:



What do you think? Do you have any clues who the man is? Share your thoughts below!

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