WATCH: Gordon Ramsay Plays Bloody Prank on Studio Audience

WATCH- Gordon Ramsay Plays Bloody Prank on Studio Audience

Chef Gordon Ramsay has established his reputation as an angry man you should never cross paths with when he’s not in the mood. But did you know that the guy has a funny side, too? The chef was the guest host of The Nightly Show, where he played a disturbing yet hilarious prank on guest Frank Skinner and the audience.

The prank? He cut his finger off in a blender. Watch the gory video below:

The video starts with Ramsay offering to cook Skinner “something decent” at a makeshift kitchen. Early on, trouble seems to be brewing because the chef doesn’t have his materials, and the blender for a smoothie wasn’t working. He leaves the stage and tells a camera, “I’m playing a trick on the audience and Frank, and you guys are in on it. But just watch very carefully, because they’ve got no idea what I’m about to do.”

He returns to the stage, where some assistants are trying to fix the blender, while Ramsay’s hand is inside. And then it starts working.

It’s the stuff of nightmares (even worse than an angry Ramsay), until he gets up and says, “gotcha!”

The Nightly Show is a UK-based show with a rotating set of hosts. Ramsay hosted the episodes from March 27 to 31.

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