WATCH: Gordon Ramsay Eats Hawaiian Pizza, Regrets It

Gordon Ramsay Pineapple Pizza

One of the biggest and most heated debates in history revolves around the food: does pineapple belong on a pizza? It’s one that has divided the world between Hawaiian lovers who don’t see what the big deal is and haters who say that the fruit doesn’t belong on pizza. Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay has been vocal about his hate on the dish, once saying that “you don’t put #$%&ing pineapple on a pizza.”

Now, we get to see Ramsay tortured because he’s willing to eat Hawaiian pizza live on Facebook. The best part? It’s for a good cause. According to him, he would eat a slice if enough people donated to the Great Ormond Street Hospital charity. He added that those who donate will be given a chance to be a VVIP guest on his food variety show The F Word.

Of course, enough people donated so Ramsay was forced to eat the pizza. However, he only managed two bites, followed by a quick rinse with the mouthwash.

Hey, at least he was able to finally eat the pizza and even donate money to a good cause!

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