WATCH: Gordon Ramsay Chooses Filipino-Inspired Burger in a Burger Cook-Off!

WATCH- Gordon Ramsay Chooses Filipino-Inspired Burger in a Burger Cook-Off!

Adobo is one of the most delicious Filipino dishes ever, and it looks like even celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay isn’t immune to its soy charms. In a burger cook-off hosted by ABC’s Good Morning America, Ramsay chose a Filipino-inspired burger featuring adobo‘s ingredients.

Watch the scrumptious video below:

Two contestants were asked to prepare their best burgers, which Ramsay will judge. One chef prepared a Bison and Chorizo Double Stacked Burger with special red sauce with brown sugar, paprika, and caramelized onion, while Maura Hohman created an adobo burger with bacon mixed in to the patty, and soy sauce, vinegar, pepper, and bay leaves.

Even Ramsay recognized that Hohman chose to use pan de sal instead of regular buns.

According to the celebrity chef, who is notoriously hard to please, “It’s seasoned beautifully. And the bun, that’s a traditional Filipino bread. It’s delicious.”

When asked to choose the winner, Ramsay said, “I’m going with the Filipino burger.”

He was on the show to promote his new cooking show The F Word, which will air on May 31.

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