WATCH: Game of Thrones Releases New Teaser for Season 6

“One way or another, a face will be added to the hole.”

It’s like a dark omen of what fans know will inevitably happen but wish against anyway—one of our favorite characters bidding farewell in (most probably) another heart-breaking death.

Who will it be this time? Whose face that we’ve come to love in the past five seasons will be added to the Hall of Faces?

As seen in the full trailer previously released by HBO, some of our favorite characters have indeed made it past the brutal and bloody season ender of season 5, some by the looks of it haven’t (huhu Jon), while some have somehow made it although missing one of their senses (we’re “looking” at you, Arya).

What do you think? Will we be seeing another wave of painful deaths of main characters this season? See the new teaser released below, and judge for yourself:

Deaths or no deaths, one thing’s for surewe’re excited to see Bran Stark back.