WATCH: Foreigners React to Jollibee’s Valentine’s Ads

WATCH- Foreigners React to Online Jollibee Ads

This year’s Valentine’s took a crazy turn when Jollibee released its online ads. Social media was ablaze with reactions and think pieces to “Vow,” “Crush,” and “Date.” Not gonna lie, this writer has his own opinions on the ads, and even shed a few tears. Yes, we Filipinos were certainly affected by the trio. In short, we were #shookt.

It turns out that foreigners are not immune to the commercials’ charm (and sorrow). Famous YouTubers, some with millions of viewers, reacted to the ads.

Watch them below:


The first of the series is about a guy who falls in love with his best friend. SPOILER ALERT: his best friend ends up with someone else.

American YouTubers HugKnuckles and HotSamn watched the video. According to HugKnuckles, “I got goosebumps and it crushed me!” HotSamn had tears in her eyes. She said, “I’m so mad!”


“Crush” is the story of a shy guy who has a crush on a girl, and who expresses his feelings through Yum! burgers with notes. Just when he’s about to give another burger, a basketball player makes a move, and they end up together. SPOILER ALERT: The shy guy ends up with the girl.

Both HugKnuckles and HotSamn ended up cheering for the guy.

For Adobo Sandwich, they thought it was genius.


For “Date,” we are introduced to a young boy preparing a Valentine’s date for his mother, with instructions from his father. SPOILER ALERT: His father passed away, and he will now be the mother’s date.

At the start of the video, HotSamn said, “I can’t handle another heartbreak.” Oh, girl, you have no idea what’s in store for you. She and HugKnuckles end up in tears.

According to Adobo Sandwich, “I kind of got goosebumps right there.”

Achilles Reacts starts the video by asking, “Am I supposed to enjoy this?” Oh, boy.

What do you think of the videos? Share your thoughts below!

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