WATCH: Foreigners As Santa “Takatak Boys”!!

Do you guys buy regularly from “takatak boys”?

You know, those guys on crowded sidewalks and highways usually selling a variety of wares — from cigarettes to candy, to quail eggs, fish crackers, newspapers, and heck, even toys!– walking around in the scorching heat??

Wil Dasovich Foreigner Takatak boys

Some of those who pass by do end up buying from them, while others ignore them — but hey, a person’s gotta make a living!

“Foreignoy” Wil Dasovich, the same guy behind “Foreigners Speaking Beki” on his popular Youtube channel Tsong and Tsonggo, is behind this super kulit schemewhich you gotta admit, is pretty sweet! Wil and his friend, fellow Filipino-speaking foreigner Brian Wilson (of Juan Direction!) take on a new (Santa) hat and become “takatak boys” for a day… all while in full Santa costume!!

Watch them run under the blistering heat as they play some deadly patintero with vehicles on EDSA, run after rolled-down windows, and jump on buses while selling to some very amused strangers! It’s an adventure-packed experience for the two, as they explore more about Christmas in the Philippines, in the midst of the notorious Manila traffic.

See more of their hilarious and interesting antics as takatak boys below:

Would you buy from these takatak boys?? Share with us your comments on the video!