WATCH: Filipino inventor flies passenger drone in Batangas

With traffic in the country getting worse, is it time to take daily transportation to the sky?

A promising reveal showed a Filipino inventor flying his passenger drone, an electric manned aerial vehicle (EMAV), in Batangas City on September 23, 2018.

The flight was captured on video and was posted on TIME’s Facebook page.

Watch it below.

According to the post, the person driving the EMAV is “Kyx Mendiola who is a professional hip-hop dancer and self-taught drone-maker.”

He is said to be in partnership with Australian electric company Star8 to build the EMAV and make the prototype into a commercial reality.

The EMAV they created is said to have the capability to carry two to four passengers.

Still, even if the EMAV has successfully taken a test flight, there are many challenges along the way. These include the EMAV’s limited battery life and the safety rules/regulations that govern flying it publicly.

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