WATCH: Filipino Food May Be The Next American Food Trend According To TV Host and Chef Andrew Zimmern

When foreigners talk about Filipino food, they are usually referring to the exotic and strange street food that we usually make them try to give them a “taste of the Philippines.” But it seems that Filipino food won’t just be balut or isaw to many foreigners. Filipino food may just be getting its own spotlight very soon.

In a video by Insider Tech, TV personality and chef Andrew Zimmern talks about how Filipino food may just be the next big American food trend because of its growing popularity.

Check it out below:

Andrew Zimmern, who is also the host of the American food show Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern, says that as America has been appropriating food from different parts of the world into their culture, Filipino food may be the next one to go big in the country.

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“It’s just going to keep getting more and more popular,” he says. “Simply because of the variety of ingredients and European techniques that are found in that food.”

He describes our food as “what happens when really good Asian food–island Asian food–brushes up against Spanish culture.”

It’s good to know that now we can also share our culture through good ol’ Filipino food, and it’s nice to know that people from all over the world appreciate it, too.

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