WATCH: Filipino Farmer’s Son Pioneered The PC Chipset Inside EVERY PC Today

“My story could be your story. As Filipinos, it must be our story.”

When in Manila, there is no shortage of inspiring stories of what people, against all odd, have accomplished. This is one such story.

According to this visually stunning video uploaded on PhilDev Foundation’s Youtube page earlier this month, Dado Banatao was the son of a farmer in Cagayan. He is now an Enginner. In 1980 he pioneered the PC chipset which is the foundation of every PC today. Watch this inspiring video that tells us the story of how he got where he is now.

Video from PhilDev Foundation‘s Youtube page

“No told me that I could do it. I had to tell myself that I could.. My success is the direct result of my beginnings. It is the same will and determination that very Filipino possesses.

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