WATCH: Fall in Love with the Beauty of Jomalig Island

Jomalig Island is getting more and more popular recently as more and more people start taking notice of it. Eka Rellores recently went there with her college buddy Carrie and their siblings, and guess what? They only spent Php2,500 each.

Eka shares that they went towards the end of summer and she attests that it’s definitely more fun go there as a group because, well, the more, the merrier! Eka admits that she had been eyeing to travel to Jomalig for a while because of all the good things she had heard and read about it.

Overall, it took them 10 to 11 hours to get there from Manila, but she says it was definitely worth it. “We were in awe when we saw how clear the water and how golden the sand was, and how kind and hospitable the people were,” she shares. When they got to the place where they stayed, they set up a tent beneath the tall trees in the Tejada where Kuya Rody, the owner, kindly accommodated them. See more in their travel video below:

According to Eka, the nicest thing about the place is that there are only a few people staying there, so it is almost like they owned the beach. They also went island hopping on Kanaway and Salibungot Beach, the Banana beach and the sandbar where every view was completely Instagrammable. “We chased the sunset and also waited for the sun to wake us,” she adds. “The sea we so peaceful and tranquil that you would not even want to get out of the water. They also allowed us to have a bonfire set up where we ate our marshmallows on the last night.”

It’s official. Eka has totally fallen in love with the beauty of Jomalig and despite the long trip, she says she would definitely go back. What are some of the most memorable places you’ve been to in the Philippines? Share your experiences with us! 🙂