WATCH: Epic Meal Time Builds ‘Filipino Cheesesteak’

Epic Meal Time, a Canadian YouTube cooking show popular for making extremely high-calorie meals mostly using meat products and alcohol, created a ginormous Filipino meal, which they called the Filipino cheesesteak.

Of course, the meal came in epic proportions!

The ingredients used were:

  • pan de sal bun (23,954 cal)
  • adobo bacon (53,333 cal)
  • Swiss cheese (56472 cal)
  • pork adobo (60,772 cal)
  • palabok (65,734 cal)
  • sisig (70,552 cal)
  • lechon (127, 638 cal)
  • lechon sauce (131,722 cal)
  • banana ketchup (133,787 cal)
  • lechon skin (150,739 cal)

Watch their epic meal creation below.

Can you eat this?