WATCH: End Street’s New Song Is About Being Replaced in a Failing Relationship :-(

East End Overlap

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Have you ever fallen out of love but before you could officially end things with them, you already know and feel they’re already starting a relationship with someone else? That’s exactly what “Overlap” is about. End Street’s latest single is a story about being replaced in a failing relationship.

“Overlap” introduces a fresher tune to End Street’s usual pop punk take on storytelling— a mix of classic OPM vibe without dragging down on what it feels to be punk or full of angst, topped with a more modern playstyle.

The song starts the chorus off with “Kung sabihin kong mahal kita may magbabago ba talaga?” (If I tell you I love you, would things really change?). It’s a common question for matters of the heart but usually has no definite answer. Fast forward to the bridge, it speaks of “Palibutan mo lang ang sarili mo ng lahat ng tinarant*do mo at ikalunod mo ang mga istorya mong wala kang pagkakamali dito!” (Just surround yourself with every single person you’ve wronged and go drown in every story you’ve told that you were never in the wrong).

As always, the vocalist is never shy about speaking harsh cadences and even harsher truths. It is true that after any breakup, we are free to go and be merry with anyone, but we are also free to ask “why?”

Watch the music video below:

The video is a compilation that showcases the big resurgence pop punk got after quarantine protocols were lifted and gigs were back. End Street recorded each and every show they had after shows were allowed again, and to say that it was well-received is an understatement.

As of writing, “Overlap” already has thousands of streams on Spotify, which speaks volumes of how many of us have dealt with the same thing, one way or another.

Currently, End Street is finishing up a couple of shows for the remainder of 2022 and has stated that they will focus on songwriting in 2023. So don’t miss out on their last few shows!

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