WATCH: The Enchanting and Mesmerizing Beauty of Calayan Island

So many travel videos have been popping up lately showcasing the beauty of the Philippine islands – and I love all of them! These videos truly ignite my wanderlust and make me all the more excited to discover what the Philippines has to offer.

One of the newest travel videos that I have come across is this video from Ayza Querejero on her recent trip to Calayan. Ayza shares that she was really mesmerized by the island’s beauty – so much so that she deems her Calayan trip to be the best trip she has been on so far. “I hope you can share this and let everyone see the enchanting beauty of Calayan Island,” she says. Check out the video yourself:

Ayza adds, “I hope you can encourage your followers to travel around the Philippines first.” I completely agree. There is so much beauty to see in our country – why go far? Cheaper pa! 😉

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Have you travelled anywhere in the Philippines lately? Share your stories with us! 🙂

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