WATCH: Emma Watson in Search for Nanny, Interviews Her in a Prank

Emma Watson is searching for a nanny. She interviews one in a hilarious prank with the help of Ellen DeGeneres.

She did this bit in a segment on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.”

Emma interviewed the nanny to hire not for kids because she has none yet, but for herself.

Watch what she did in the interview.

Ellen told Emma what to say on the interview via an earpiece.

Coached by Ellen, she said, “I don’t like crusts on my sandwiches. I don’t like milk, but I like Red Bull.”

She also said, “I like to go potty alone. I don’t need you to help me potty. But I want us to be like family, and the family that laughs together stays together.”

Near the end of the interview, she brought out a giant lollipop, reads a text message, and throws her phone onto the floor in an apparent tantrum.

Emma guested on the show to promote the upcoming live-action adaptation of “Beauty and the Beast.”

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