WATCH: Emma Bunton of the Spice Girls Sings “2 Become 1” with Robbie Williams

Hearts of 90’s kids reading this now are racing in excitement, for sure.

British artists and 90s hit makers Robbie Williams and Emma Bunton teamed up to perform 2 Become 1, one of Spice Girls’ many hit songs. Spice Girls was previously Emma’s girl band, alongside Victoria Beckham, Melanie C., Melanie B., and Geri Halliwell. They reigned charts massively in he 90s, going on world tours and even spawning a film, Spice World in 1997. (Which I watched in the theaters cos ~fan~)

Though the girls have gone on their separate ways since their glory days, Spice Girls will forever live on in 90s kids’ hearts. Especially that, every now and then, we still get to relive their songs in sweet, sweet moments like this one.

Here’s Emma with Robbie for Heart Live, doing a duet of 2 Become 1:

This performance gave me goosebumps! How did it make you feel? Tell us in the comments!

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