WATCH: Elmo of ‘Sesame Street’ Is In Manila To Spread Kindness!

With the recent national events happening lately, I’m sure a lot of us are already quite stressed and exhausted. And sometimes, with the many bad news that we encounter, it’s quite easy to forget about the little things like happiness and kindness.

A very popular character from an internationally famous children’s show actually flew to the Philippines to remind us of these things. Sesame Street‘s Elmo dropped by on ANC’s Early Edition to “spread kindness”.

Check out the cool interview below:

Elmo is currently roaming around the world to spread kindness as part of Sesame Street‘s year-long campaign of kindness curriculum they entitled  “Spread Kindness, Share The Laughter.”

“It’s very important to be kind to people and to treat people the way you want to be treated,” Elmo says.

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Elmo also showed off a bit of what he has learned from the Philippines by saying “Salamat po, which means “thank you.” He also very clearly stated that he didn’t want to taste our famous balut.

It seems that humanity has finally reached its peak when a puppet actually has to roam the world just to remind people to be kind.

Thank you, Elmo. We needed that.

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