WATCH: Ellen DeGeneres Surprises Filipino Frontline Nurse With A New Car

A Filipino frontline nurse based in Los Angeles, California just got the best surprise of her life this Christmas season when talkshow host Ellen DeGeneres arrived at her doorstep with a brand new car!

The nurse, named Flor Roz, was among the many frontline workers Ellen sought to highlight and show appreciation for on her television show.

ellen degeneres filipina nurse car

During her interview, Flor opened up about her struggle of not being able to come home to her family because she’s handling COVID-19 positive patients.

“It’s just heartbreaking not to see your family. But I can’t do anything but to be strong for them,” she said.

“I became a nurse because since I was a kid, I love helping people. The pandemic has changed everything. People who are sick, since they cannot be visited by their family, I will be the one who’s gonna be by their side and let them know that there is this person who loves them.”

Ellen shared that she chose to do this for Flor after having learned that she was juggling two jobs, is taking care of a newborn baby, and that her husband is currently unemployed. Her family has also been struggling financially as a result of her not being able to work for months after she tested positive for the virus last March.

“Right now, me and my husband share a car.

If I don’t have the car, I sometimes ask my co-workers to pick me up and I walk or sometimes I take Uber,” she revealed.

Never would she have imagined that Ellen would be driving up to her front yard to surprise her with a brand new car of her own.

“It’s just amazing what you’ve been doing. I know that you and your husband are sharing one car. So I’ve partnered with Hyundai and they want to thank you for your service,” Ellen told her as she broke down in tears.

“Just know how much we love you and appreciate you and when you’re exhausted, in those times that you can barely go on anymore, just remember how many people love you and how many people are so grateful for you. Thank you for what you do,” Ellen continued.

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Watch it in the video below!


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