WATCH: Ed Sheeran is a Boxer in New Music Video for ‘Shape Of You’

Ever wondered what Ed Sheeran would look like as a boxer? Well, you’ll find out in this newly released music video of his new track, Shape Of You. And, to be honest, Ed looks kinda hot. When did he become so fit?? Guess that one year hiatus was good on him!

In this music video, you’ll see Ed Sheeran entering to train at a boxing gym, where he meets a sultry athlete who is obviously much advanced at the sport than he is. The two quickly form a love affair, which leads to a whirlwind romance that revolves around boxing.

The Shape of You music video garnered views pretty quickly, reaching half a million views in just the first hour of posting.

Watch the steamy music video here:

What do you think of Ed Sheeran in a sporty role? Do you think this fits him? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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