WATCH: Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas Just Sang A Part of “This is Me” Again and It’s Giving Us All The Feels

Camp Rock had been a part of the growth of lots of millennials (and even the younger ones!) here in the Philippines and around the world.

8 years later after the show’s first airing on Disney Channel, Joe Jonas who played Shane Gray joins Demi Lovato who played Mitchie Torres and they sing a part of their famous duet, This is Me!

(We love you, too, thirdwheeling Nick Jonas)

This happened during Demi Lovato‘s Future Now Tour in Washington DC where Joe made a special appearance for a little throwback. He began singing Gotta Find You, another hit song by his character from the movie, and Demi surprised him as she joined in to sing her part in This is Me!

Guuuuuys, the feeeels! I’m sure a lot of us can relate to this and this short video gave us all sorts of emotions inside. Lovin’ the throwback, Joe and Demi!

Did you have that rush of nostalgia, too? Let’s share the feels!


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