WATCH: David Blaine Performs Card Tricks and a Shocking Surprise Act!

Whether you think these “magic tricks” or illusions are real or not, I think we can all agree to one thingthey are cool as hell. I mean, how do these illusionists read your mind? Or know which card you’re holding? Or make stuff appear, disappear, and reappear at will?

One of the most famous illusionists of our time (pretty sure you’ve heard of him), is David Blaine. The guy’s been in the business for a long time now, and is one of the household names for tricks and illusions. He recently stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and, man, did he shock everyone. Aside from the mind-boggling card tricks, David also performs a shocking, surprising act towards the end, which you really should see.

See the full clip here, or skip to the last act at 8:48. Watch:

What did you think of that last act? How do you think he did it? :p Share your thoughts in the comments!

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