WATCH: Dance Love Team Ella Cruz and Julian Trono Star In Teen RomCom “Fan Girl/Fan Boy”

Teen romcom films will always have a place in our hearts. It always feels good to see young love on the big screen, and the laughs and fluffy scenes are always a plus. Which is why I’m actually pretty excited for this year’s upcoming teen romcom film starring dance love team Ella Cruz and Julian Trono.

Currently, they are known for their killer moves on the dance floor and the duo has collaborated on numerous dance videos and songs. Now, they are taking their love team to the big screen with Fan Girl/Fan Boy.

Check out the trailer below:

In the trailer, Ella Cruz is introduced as someone who dubs all those famous anime characters on local TV. She is stopped by the network’s security guard because she forgot her ID, leading her to give him a sample of her voice talent (which, I thought, was actually cool).

Then Julian Trono’s character arrives in a black van, donning sunglasses and cool clothes and a half-smile, making us think that he’s a celebrity. But he’s there for an audition and is led by the security guard to the end of a long line of other men auditioning.

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The trailer itself is actually pretty funny. And I think we can all agree that the real star of the trailer was the security guard. Somebody give that man his own movie!

While we don’t have enough information on the plot yet, this funny trailer for Fan Girl/Fan Boy is enough to get us excited for its premiere this September!

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