WATCH: Cinemalaya Best Picture “Respeto” To Screen In Theaters Nationwide

The recently concluded Cinemalaya has given the film world of the Philippines many beautiful and relevant films that deserve to be seen by the Filipino people. One of these masterpieces is the film Respeto, written by Njel de Mesa and directed by Treb Monteras II.

This independent film puts the spotlight on the hip-hop culture of the Philippines. It follows a young rapper who tries to get into the underground hip-hop scene in hopes of using it to escape from his “squatter life.” He meets an old rapper who helps him gain the respect of audiences, while the old man gets back his hope and passion for the industry as well.

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Respeto proves to be an amazing piece, winning various awards from the film festival, including Best Picture. It also stars some of the biggest names in the industry today such as Abra and Loonie.

If you missed Respeto during the festival’s run, there’s no need to worry because it’s about to screen in cinemas nationwide, too!

The official Facebook page of Respeto announced the good news along with a short snippet of the film.

Fans of hip-hop, rap, music, films, and everything else in between will surely enjoy Respeto. There’s no word yet as to when exactly it will be showing in commercial theaters, but we’re already watching out for it! #RESPECT

Will you be watching this film in theaters?

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