WATCH: Chungha Sizzles in New Music Video, ‘Snapping’

Chungha is back – and she looks goooood! Just a few hours ago, Stone Music Entertainment released Chungha’s newest music video from her EP ‘Flourishing’; and it already has almost half a million views!

‘Snapping’ is the fifth song on the EP and is a seductive number that is quite different from Chungha’s previous songs. Either way, we love the seductiveness of the song.¬†According to Chungha, this was an intentional move as she wanted to show that she is constantly doing something new. We are definitely pleasantly surprised about this – that’s for sure. Of course, it helps that she looks absolutely stunning in the video, as well. Watch it here:

We love Chungha’s versatility, and how she has blossomed into the KPop diva that she is today after her project girl band I.O.I. disbanded a year after debuting in the show ‘Produce 101’ back in 2016.

Her song ‘Flourishing’ is in full English, too, which she has done with hopes to communicate better with non-Korean fans. Sigh. What’s not to love? With talks of an overseas tour, we can only hope that she’ll be putting the Philippines on her itinerary. Fingers crossed!

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