WATCH: Check Out this Cool “Stranger Things” Cover on Cello

You probably love Stranger Things. Otherwise you wouldn’t be on this page now!

The 80s themed sci-fi thriller Netflix series only premiered its first season this 2016, but with a big bang as it has established itself as the big breakout series of the year. The young’uns of Stranger Things most especially, who are the main characters of the show, has stolen everyone’s hearts. Especially Eleven.

Another unforgettable thing from the show, its theme song, of course. Fans will recognize it wherever they go. YouTube artist and cello musician Nicholas Yee, who claims to be also a fan of the show, has made this cool cello cover of the Stranger Things theme song. Watch here:

Who would’ve thought that Stranger Things’ eerie theme song would sound good on a classical instrument? But hey, it works!

What do you think of this cover? Or found any interesting covers as well? Let us know about it!

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