WATCH: “Captain America: Civil War” with Marvel VS Capcom Sound Effects!

Captain America: Civil War is definitely one of the best movies in the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) and Marvel VS Capcom is one of the best fighting games around. But what would happen if you combine both elements and merge them? Well, we have the answer to that! Upon scouring the internet again for a good laugh, I stumbled upon this video and thought that it was pure entertainment! Props to the creative mind of this video. đŸ˜€

So, grab those Marvel VS Capcom games, lash out your controllers and/or arcade game pad, turn that gaming console on, and get ready to be hyped up! Watch as the Captain America: Civil War airport scene is combined with the sound effects of Marvel VS Capcom right here:



Which Marvel VS Capcom characters would you like to be part of your team? Tag a person you can beat in Marvel VS Capcom with your eyes closed! Drop your comments here and let us know!

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