WATCH: Is This Really Bono from U2 Busking in BGC?

We’ve all seen and heard the talented buskers singing at BGC at night, one of which is Tek Cortez, who describes himself on his Facebook account as an “only son, trophy husband, loving father, HR line manager, outspoken atheist, and blues rock enthusiast”.

In a recent Facebook post, he mentions that he “can’t watch the U2 concert in Manila today, but…” followed by a video of who seems to be Bono from U2 singing ‘With or Without You’ on Tek’s microphone as he continues to play the guitar in the background:


A lot of people have expressed disbelief after watching the video, but one commenter has stated that U2 is actually staying around BGC, making this video completely plausible.

We still haven’t been able to verify the video above, but U2 is currently in Manila for a stint with Philippine Red Cross and to perform live in the Philippine Arena tomorrow night for their ‘Joshua Tree’ tour. Has anyone else spotted them around the city?

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