WATCH: ‘Black Mirror’ season 4 trailer is out, and it’s creepy and amazing!

The trailer for Black Mirror season 4 has just been released by Netflix. Along with this, they specified a release date, December 29th, 2017.

In the past few weeks, Netflix has been slowly releasing individual trailers for the six episodes of Black Mirror season 4.

If you haven’t seen them yet, here they are.


This episode happens Iceland. The timeframe is in a future where memories are no longer private. Although Black Mirror already has an episode that showed memories in public in The Entire History of You, Crocodile explores deeper into it.


How to parent right, you ask? In this episode, Black Mirror shows you how. It involves having a lot of control on your child via punching needles in their temples.

Jodie Foster directed Arkangel.

Hang the DJ

This episode shows the nightmare of online dating. In Hang the DJ, they have a dating app (or “system,” as they call it) that doesn’t only pick who you can date but also decides when your relationship will end.

USS Calister

This episode is like a Star Trek spoof but we expect it to be darker and creepier.


This episode brings us to a world plagued by dogs. On the trailer, we see a character running for her life from a killer robot dog. Metalhead is Black Mirror’s first all black and white episode.

Black Museum

In this episode, we learn about a museum where the owner promises that “If [an object] did something bad, chances are, it’s in here. There’s a sad, sick story behind most everything here.” Later on, we’ll see him tell some of those sick, sad stories.

And here’s Black Mirror season 4’s trailer…

Are you excited to watch the new season of Black Mirror?

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