WATCH: The Beautiful Sandbars of Onok Island, Palawan

Remember this video of Batanes? Well, Ramed Hizole Recto just shared a new travel video with is on their recent trip to Palawan. Ramed shares that they went to the Balabac Group of Islands on the Southern tip of Palawan (near Saba Malaysia – only 2-3hours away by boat!) earlier this month and this video focuses on one particular island: Onok Island.

Onok Island has numerous sand bars when it’s low tide, but when it’s high tide, all you will be able to see is all of the blue and aquamarine colors around the island. See what I mean in his video here:

As you can see in the video, you can also spot plenty of pawikans lurking around the area. “Overall, I think it is the best island I’ve been since I started filming my adventures around the Philippines,” shares Ramed. He adds, “Kahit saan mo ibato ang camera mo ma pa GoPro man, DSLR Phone Camera or Drone, lahat maganda, lahat parang kang nasa loob ng painting.” What a beautiful way to describe the place. All adventurers and travellers should definitely check the place out!

What’s the best place you’ve been to so far in the Philippines? 🙂

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