WATCH: This BBC host cooks rice in a way that leaves Asians SurpRICEd

And some were even horrified

While pasta is the lifeblood for Italians, rice is the staple of many Asians. And most especially for us Filipinos. From the simple steamed rice to fried rice, sushi bakes, and more, this versatile side dish can be used in so many ways.

Speaking of fried rice, we all know there are many ways to prepare this stir-fried dish. Just add your choice of meat and/or vegetables, some aromatics, and you’re good to go. But despite how straightforward this dish is, some people still somehow manage to… do it differently.

Screencap from BBC Food

Screencap from BBC Food

Which is what got Netizens abuzz just recently. You see, this old BBC video of an Egg Fried Rice recipe resurfaced on social media. The video was hosted by Patel, who is an “award-winning presenter, and filmmaker who works across entertainment, comedy, food, travel and adventure sports,” according to her profile on BBC Food.

But this time around, it comes with a (dare I say) funny addition. That’s right— I’m talking about the reaction video posted by UK-based Malaysian stand-up comedian Nigel Ng. Check it out here:

Using his Uncle Roger persona— complete with an exaggerated accent— the comedian expressed frustration, disgust, and even horror with the way that Patel prepared her rice. The video starts off with her explaining that egg fried rice is simple, and that you shouldn’t be “afraid of it”. Moving on, she uses 1 part of rice (measured in a teacup), to 2 parts of water. Much to the aghast of “Uncle Roger”.

“First step all wrong already,” Ng exclaimed. “I am NOT confident this video is gonna be good.”

Like every exasperated Asian parent (the kind that we’re familiar with), he proceeds to lecture about using a rice cooker instead. And should you want to cook rice the traditional way, all you need is your finger. “Not with British teacup, aiya,” he adds.

Screenshot taken from Nigel Ng’s YouTube Video

But what has raised the attention of many? The fact that Patel did not wash the rice.

“Wait, so you don’t wash the rice? How you don’t wash the rice just (sic) cook the rice? Now, the rice stinky like you! Where you learn how to make rice, some white people cooking school or something?”

And the rest goes on. Meanwhile, you can check out our ricepes (haha, get it?), right here:

Exercise? I thought you said extra rice… ?

Posted by When In Manila on Thursday, July 9, 2020

And we assure you, we washed our rice this time.

What are your thoughts on the video by BBC Food?

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