WATCH: Batman Shows Off Dancing Skills in 1966 TV Series!

WATCH Batman Shows Off Dancing Skills in TV Series

You may have seen all those Batman movies and assumed that the Caped Crusader is all dark and brooding. After all, Bruce Wayne lost his parents to a murder as a young child. From there, he vowed revenge on all criminals, while still maintaining his sense of justice. Indeed, the Batman movies through the years have been mysterious, unlike his nemesis Superman (in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice).

But in 1966, Batman was seen in a different light: the TV series, starring Adam West, was campier than recent outings and featured more upbeat music. It also has moral lessons, such as using seatbelts, doing homework, drinking milk, and eating vegetables.

One of the most iconic scenes from this hit series was Batman doing the Batusi, a ’60s style go-go dance invented for the series. It was derived from the Watusi dance, a popular style during the time and considered as the second most popular dance in the ’60s, after the Twist.

Watch the weird but hilarious video below:

The dance was featured in the trailer of the upcoming LEGO Batman Movie:

How do you think Superman would react? Share your thoughts below!

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